Native American Star Quilt Patterns

    A Quality Star Quilt
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These beautiful hand made quilts are tied directly to Plains Indian
mythology and Star Knowledge, and they are used in many sacred
ceremonies.  They also take center stage in births, weddings, graduations,
funerals, retirements, and many other occasions, making the Star Quilt
important throughout Plains life.
They are more than just gorgeous.  They are sacred.

Many different Indian Tribes all across America treasure Star Quilts these days.

Visit many Native American homes today and you're sure to see a Star Quilt or two.   In the
bedroom of course, there surely will be a stunning Star Quilt on the bed.  Perhaps a Star Quilt
will be draped across the back of a sofa in the front room, or over a chair.  A baby quilt might
be displayed on a wall.   Over in the corner, there might even be a big powwow drum wrapped
in an ancient, tattered Star Quilt.  Old Star Quilts are never thrown away, but are always used,
treasured and loved forever.  

Morning Star Quilts represent the epitome of gift-giving on the Plains.  To give a Star Quilt is
to show the utmost respect, honor, and admiration to a person.   It is given and received by
both men and women.   Star Quilts are also gifted away after certain special ceremonies.  
Other times, the central focus of a celebration is a huge generous giveaway where many
beautiful Star Quilts will be offered to guests.  The mother of a brand new baby is always
overjoyed to receive a Star Quilt for her child.  Birthdays, graduations, and all other
celebrations of Native American life involve the gifting of a Star Quilt.

As a people, Native Americans are coming back to traditionally hand-crafted, 100%
Indian-made products, and today the beautiful Star Quilt is outshining the Pendleton blanket.

Usually Native American Star Quilts are the size of coverlets or comforters, and they don't
hang very far over the sides of a bed.  Although there are many reasons why Native American
Star Quilts aren't bigger, one is because these quilts are usually constructed for ceremonial
purposes, such as "going on the hill" (vision quest) or another ceremony that requires an
individual to be wrapped in a smaller size Star Quilt.
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