Native American Star Quilt Patterns
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Caring for your Star Quilt
Wet queen size star quilts are very heavy, so picking up
freshly washed  quilts must be done with care in order to
avoid breaking the threads.

Dry cleaning is not recommended for most quilts.

Machine Washing: Wash and dry star quilts only when necessary, using warm water
and a mild soap (but not dish washing soaps or soaps made for woolens.) For a red or
black quilt, use cold water.  Use a large washing machine on the gentle cycle. Dissolve
the soap in the washer before adding the quilt. Rinse the quilt well. Remove
immediately after washing.

Hand Washing: Quilts may also be hand washed in the bathtub. Knead gently
between your hands; don't swish the quilt or swirl it around. After rinsing, drain tub
and gently press the remaining water out of the quilt.

Drying: Drying in a dryer is OK, or they may be air dried on a flat surface.  Don't
hang or line dry your quilt. Quilts may be air dried flat on a tarp, mattress pad or
towels, or they may be slowly dried in the dryer on a warm but not hot setting. An
extra large dryer is best. It's best to remove it from the dryer before it's completely dry.
If drying indoors, a fan may speed up drying time. Always avoid direct sunlight on
your quilt.

Fluffing: To fluff up a quilt between washings, you can place it in the dryer for 15
minutes on the air only setting. This will loosen a lot of lint, pet hair, and other minor

Storage: Roll up and store your quilt in a pillow case, or wrapped in a bed sheet, or
rolled up in an acid free wrapping paper. Store in a cool, dry place away from heat,
moisture, and sunlight. Don't store it in a plastic bag. To avoid permanent creasing,
occasionally re-roll the quilt.
Cleaning and Storing Your Native American Morning Star Quilt
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