Native American Star Quilt Patterns

Caring for your Star Quilt:
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A Quality Star Quilt
Introduction:  About Native American Star Quilts

A Quality Star Quilt:  Know what to look for when buying a star quilt

Caring for you Star Quilt:  Yes you can wash it

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Knowing what to look for
What to look for:

Is the very center of the star flat, with no "volcano" effect?

Do the points of the 8 large diamonds meet in the center of the star correctly?

Do the small diamonds in the star all match up point-to-point?

Is there a minimum of puckers or creases in the seams of the quilt?

Are seams tight and finished in the quilt, or are there loose seams or unsewn areas?

Is the batting smooth, with no lumps or thin places?

Does the backing have a minimum of puckers?

Is there a good binding on the quilt?
Diane’s Native American Star Quilts patterns

    No handmade star quilt is perfect of
    course, so there are bound to be a few
    minor inconsistencies. But there ARE
    some general things you should look for
    when searching for a quality star quilt.
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