Native American Star Quilt Patterns
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Photo Gallery of Star Quilts  
Intro: Star Quilt Vocabulary
Diane's Native American Star Quilts

    Fancy Border:  
    The outside
    border areas
    have pieced
    designs or

    Traditional Indian
    Hand Quilting:  
    Finishes your star
    quilt by stitching
    through all layers with
    quilting thread,
    making "fans" or
    semi circles.  Stitches
    are often fairly large,
    and the number of
    rings may vary.

    Old Fashioned Hand Tying:  
    Finishes your star quilt by tying
    crochet thread through all
    layers and making a small
    knot on top of the quilt.

    Fancy Stars:  
    Special cutting of
    diamonds makes
    designs like this
    emerge in the star.  

    Star Rays Quilting:  Sewn by hand or by
    machine, it looks radiant!
Archive Photos From 1988 to present
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Here I'm sharing with you some of the hundreds
of star quilts that I have created over the past
30 years.  Enjoy!